LISPMEMOLisp is like a ball of mud - you can throw anything you want into it, and it's still Lisp. -- Anonymous

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日常的な Lisp

泥くさい例もあったほうが宣伝になるかと思い ~/bin の中から公開しても差し 使えないような 小物 Lisp プログラム を公開.

(defpackage :mkindex (:use :cl :indexer))
(in-package :mkindex)

(define-root (merge-pathnames "doc" (user-homedir-pathname)))

(define-category "Lisp Resources"
    :link '(("Common Lisp Hyper Spec" "./HyperSpec/Front/index.htm")
           ("Common Lisp The Language 2nd Edition" "./cltl/cltl2.html")
           ("Practical Common Lisp" "./web/")
           ("Paul Graham" "./web/")
           ("Dream Songs" "./web/")
           ("Pascal Contanza" "./web/")
           ("Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programms"
           ("SICM" "web/")

(define-category "Other Documents"
  :link '(("PostgreSQL 8.1 (ja)" "./postgres/index.html")
         ("Statistics with R" "./web/")
         ("Perl and Shift_JIS" "")
         ("Perl Hints" "")
         ("Perl and Unicode" "")

(define-category "Maxima Documents"
    :pred (filter :directory "lisp" :filetype "pdf"))

(define-category "PDF Documents"
    :pred (filter :directory "ebook" :filetype "pdf"))

(define-category "CHM Documents"
    :pred (filter :directory "ebook" :filetype "chm"))


ただ HTML 作るだけなんですねどね…。

posted: 2006/08/20 03:10 | permanent link to this entry | Tags: LISP

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